Liposuction gives you a breathtaking leg


Liposuction gives you a breathtaking leg

If a pair of legs want to be beautiful, it is not enough to be slender. The beauty of the legs lies in the slenderness of the white. If a woman has such a pair of legs, it will definitely make people fascinated. This is also a lot ofThe reason why women are crazy about stovepipe.

Women who want to be effective soon will often choose liposuction and stovepipe.

銆€銆€In fact, the beautiful legs are not a sweet soul of traditional culture, but also a classic language of new and new human postmodernism.

The leg is one of the most prominent parts of the sexy feature. As the saying goes: “The beauty is not beautiful, look at the legs.”

The most beautiful curves of women are reflected in the legs. The most beautiful eyes of men are lingering. They have a pair of delicate jade legs and exude charming light. They are the capital of modern women to be proud and confident.

銆€銆€The muscles of the beautiful legs should be full and not bloated.

Good legs are the last curve of a woman’s body.

The thighs are too thick, and it is easy to think of a thick “leg like a leg”, which is stupid.

So is the more delicate the thigh, the more attractive it is?

Not always.

銆€銆€According to research, the ideal of the most attractive thighs outside the aunt 3 cm, roughly aunt about 2.

5 cm

When the legs are close together, the muscles on the thighs can be tangent, and there is a large gap between the thigh root and the tangent. The thighs are close to the upper side, and the gap can also be placed. If the arms are not heavy, the tip of the chest curve moves closer to the pubis.This directly affects the bodybuilding of the thigh.

Therefore, the general lack of charm of the chest, the thigh is not attractive.

On the contrary, if the thigh muscles are full and round, this will increase the charm of the woman’s thigh.

When the woman’s calf is exposed, it shows the most part of the muscle.

Its beauty is obviously that every woman is very sent.

When the legs are close together, there should be a gap in the calf section.

One is the gap below the axial direction, and the other is the gap between the calf and the medial tibia.

From the side, the woman’s nipple, the midpoint of the knee joint and the midpoint of the ankle, if these three points can be in a straight line, then such a leg is the most attractive.

銆€銆€The above is just a whole talk about the shape of the legs, stovepipes to each detail, they have their own unique aesthetic standards.

Let me talk about the thigh.

The thigh is the thigh, the front upper part is the boundary between the groin and the abdomen, and the boundary between the groin and the perineum is defined, and the lower boundary is the circular line at the two mold fingers below the bottom of the sac.

Sebaceous adenosine of the skin of the thigh, mobility bonding.

The superficial fascia of the thigh is different in thickness, and the superficial fascia in the anterior region is rich in a large number, deep and shallow, respectively, which is continuous with the deep and shallow layers of the superficial fascia of the anterior wall of the abdomen.

The shallow fascia at the back of the strand is thicker than the front.

Therefore, the thigh is also one of the common parts that tend to form temporary abnormal accumulation.