Successful men should adjust tension

Successful men should adjust tension

Men have a strong sense of competition in order to succeed and to get ahead. This state of tension and urgency makes them always in tension.

        Men will sweat their palms before a crucial meeting begins.

When he is forced to work under pressure, he will have a headache.

     At the end of his day-long job, men felt tense and sour muscles in the lower back, neck and shoulders.

After a week of hard work, he began to experience gastrointestinal upset and indigestion.

     Although he felt exhausted, he could not sleep peacefully.

He began to experience periods of restlessness, anger, or depression.

     Work stress can affect anyone who does the job.

It’s more common than a busy phone and a traffic jam in the morning.

Men deal with it by speeding up lunch time, biting their nails, getting up late, taking a few days off, forcing meals, drinking and smoking, and even taking medication.

At a time when the country’s economic hardships are suffering and stressful, the country’s best-selling drugs are drugs for treating gastric ulcers, hypertension and sedation.

     Work-related stress results in reduced efficiency and reduced work results.

It also threatens men’s health.

In fact, it has been recognized that chronic stress caused by the work environment is one of today’s most serious health disorders.

Medical problems related to work stress, including high blood pressure, gastritis, ulcers, colitis and high blood pressure, plus hypertension and alcoholism.

The American Institute for Tension states that 70%?
In 90% of the patients, the cause of the disease was dysfunction related to stress.

     In the long run, work stress can lead to a total breakdown of men’s health.

Early symptoms include mental fatigue, physical decline, irritability, anger, and depression.

In the later stages, the disease became blind, and the man was surrounded by extreme pessimism emotionally, completely losing self-confidence.

Eventually the body collapsed and life was at stake.

     In view of this situation, many companies in the West have proposed at least one tension management solution.

They include everything from the most common controls to incorporating alcoholic beverages to physical exercise facilities and meditation training classes.

For example, the New York Telephone Company in the United States requires all employees to have regular physical examinations and to provide meditation training sessions for those who are disturbed by stress-related issues.

     You can solve this problem yourself even if your unit does not implement a tension reduction program in China.

It is important to realize that you cannot escape tension.

In fact, it is a non-cumulative part of any job. It increases with the increase in your work pressure, and harsh tasks such as bosses and tantrums will put pressure on you.

     Although you cannot escape the stress of work, you can learn how to deal with it.

The first thing to do is to discover it at the stage when it first appeared.

A constant headache or nausea indicates that you are very stressed.

Once you have realized the tension, you have to think of controlling it.

Perhaps you can self-regulate by eating more wholesome foods or doing regular physical exercise.

     When people are faced with a task that brings a heavy psychological burden and can not be completed, the most serious nervous reaction occurs.

This kind of work is overwhelming and yields little.

At the same time, it also shows that the people who are most nervous are often middle-level employees.

They face pressure, open the way, and move towards the company’s top management merger, but at the same time, they must shoulder heavy responsibilities-and they must also be responsible for the boss who has the final decision on the job.

     Those who reached the highest ranks had the fewest problems.

Of course, they can appropriately grasp their working methods and always take the initiative in the work process.
In addition, they have the opportunity to master and refine the emerging in their work, and these technologies can help strengthen their self-confidence.
     The role of money is not so important.

In other words, high-paid workers in the military are similar to those with extra income in the military, and they are equally nervous.

Needless to say, higher-than-average income creates a more comfortable and comfortable life, which will certainly reduce the pressure on some family lives. However, the nature of money itself cannot even be used for personal tasks and accomplish these tasks.Method ratio.

     These are not the only factors that create tension.

There are also certain events that can increase tension.

Relevant experts agree that unemployment is a stressful event.

Any drastic changes can cause tension.

At any time, when you start a new job, change occupations, or change or increase or decrease the scope of your duties, you can increase tension.

Disputes with your boss or colleagues, changes in working hours or working conditions can also increase your tension.