CBA League Committee drafted Civilization Watch Participation Book _1

CBA League Committee drafted “Civilization Watch Intervention Book”
For some uncivilized phenomena in the finals, the CBA League Committee drafted a “Civilization Watch Championship Book”, the specific content is as follows: To the fans and fans: This year is the 20th year of the development of the CBA League, Beijing Shougang Men’s BasketballAnd the Liaoning Yaodu Benxi men’s basketball team finals, dedicated to the national fans a classic battle for the championship.Star showdowns, coach games, players broke out, reversing lore, let us recall endlessly.We would like to thank the Beijing team and the Liaoning team, as well as the fans and friends who watched the game civilly and cheered rationally. You contributed to such a wonderful finals series.  Intense competition and high-level confrontation ignited the enthusiasm of the fans on the scene, but unfortunately, some fans do not cherish such a basketball prosperity.In the fourth game of the Finals, in order to vent their dissatisfaction, they scolded unpleasant swear words, and some people threw their drink bottles at the stadium, and even added their fists.Players struggled for supreme honor on the court, but the uncivilized behavior of individual fans caused alienation.  Fans cheer for the team with cheering and cheer for the team with love. Fans are the team’s backup team and a new force.But the behavior of the fans on the field is not only representative of him, but also the spiritual appearance of the city to which he belongs and the image in the minds of the people across the country.After this, we compete for each fan to start from himself, love the home court, treat it as an away, and contribute to creating a civilized viewing environment.Cries, civilized cheering, no scolding, no slogan, civilized slogan, good and dirty, civilized home, no mess, civilized away, no scream, civilized basketball is wonderful.  CBA League Committee March 19, 2015