The beauty of lines that successful men love

The beauty of lines that successful men love

Many fitness friends think that muscle exercises are only for athletes or bodybuilding enthusiasts, and most people do not need this.

In fact, otherwise, basic muscle training is good for everyone. It is not necessary to exercise muscles in order to participate in bodybuilding competitions, as is the figure of professional bodybuilders.

Because good muscle is an important element of physical fitness.

Many women have always thought that participating in weight training will masculine their muscles.

In fact, this worry is superfluous. Because women have less male hormones and muscle fibers than men, it is extremely difficult to build muscles that are as male as men.

  Muscle exercise can increase the volume and strength of muscles, which is conducive to sports performance. Muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones can also be injured. Good muscle strength can better protect joints of the body.

More importantly, it can help maintain the correct posture and reduce the complications caused by long-term work and study.
Basic understanding of human muscles Muscles are important tissues of the human body, and for sports, they play an extremely important role.
The human body includes two types of muscles: voluntary muscles (or skeletal muscles); involuntary muscles.

Such as the muscles of the digestive system and the heart muscle.

Exercise-related muscles are mainly voluntary muscles.

Because contracting these muscles under conscious control can make the body move.

The human body has a total of about 434 skeletal muscles. They are composed of 25 billion muscle fibers and account for about 40% of body weight.

  Muscle or hypertrophy, in addition to genetic factors, the day after tomorrow’s exercise and diet nutrition is very important.

The most effective method of physical exercise is weight training or bodybuilding.

Muscle ability includes muscle strength, muscle endurance, softness, explosive power, speed, balance, agility and so on.

For healthy physical fitness, muscle strength and muscle endurance are important.

For sports, other abilities are important.

Muscle strength — refers to the maximum strength that a muscle can produce in one contraction.
Muscle endurance — refers to the ability of muscle groups to repeatedly contract or maintain static contraction, such as long-distance running.

The purpose of participating in bodybuilding training is to pursue developed muscles so that the muscles are even and beautiful.

The focus of bodybuilding competitions is on the degree of muscle development of the participants, the distribution and proportion of muscles throughout the body, and the beauty of the lines.

  Bodybuilding training effects If you are engaged in bodybuilding for a long time, the body will produce the following changes: (1) The muscles become enlarged and thick.

This increases the beauty of the muscles of men, while women have stronger, more elastic muscles.

Increase line beauty.

Women have fewer muscle fibers than men and more female hormones in the body, which hinders muscle development.

Conversely, muscle atrophy occurs when there is exercise stimulation. The most obvious example is that after a long period of rest after injury, muscles that lack exercise become loose and shrink.

However, the muscles developed by some people will not become aunt.

  (2) The volume and flexibility of the ligaments increase.

This can strongly protect the joints, reduce injuries (3) increase muscle contraction, speed, endurance and explosive power, which can improve exercise capacity.