Chinese wife’s three misunderstandings of sex


Chinese wife’s three misunderstandings of sex

[Introduction]Having a perfect sex life is a dream of many people. Gradually, people are constantly seeking sex knowledge from newspapers, television, and the Internet.

But in real life, people’s understanding of sex is biased.

銆€銆€Devotion to misunderstanding This is first manifested in the lack of sufficient understanding and understanding of one’s own physiological structure, function and response.
Relatively speaking, through the increase of family planning and women’s health care, the wife’s knowledge of contraception pregnancy and women’s disease has increased a lot, but due to traditional customs, only half of the wives do not know that the most sensitive part of women isWhat, 40% of the wives don’t know or can’t tell what the performance of women’s orgasm is.

銆€銆€Is it difficult to obtain sexual knowledge at this time?

No, although married middle-aged women talk about sex occasionally from time to time, they only comment on how the husband is. Few people focus on active learning knowledge and can use scientific knowledge to screen privately circulated information (mostly fallacy).Women are extremely rare.

Why do you feel the need but don’t learn?

First and foremost, a lot of wives think that since I have accumulated the obligation to dedicate myself, he should take responsibility for promoting harmony. If there is a problem, it has nothing to do with me.

Some wives simply said: “This kind of thing depends on a good husband.

“There is another way to raise it to” The fundamental problem is to transform men.

“This kind of purely devotional sexual concept may at least bring some bad results: 1. When a husband is rude or even sexually abused, his wife lacks the inner motivation to resist, and lacks the knowledge and methods to promote his change.

2, when the general sexual disharmony occurs, the wife is likely to blame the husband too much, but it is easy to exacerbate the contradiction.

3, even if the sexual life is smooth, the purely dedicated wife can hardly experience the fun and value, but will produce indifference and alienation.

This naturally intensifies the feeling of poverty and eventually forms a vicious circle.

4, even more harmonious, the wife may also lack the internal motivation to continuously improve and improve, and in the long run is likely to cause psychological fatigue on both sides.

銆€銆€Misunderstanding of the traditional moral experts, women should be dignified, a swashword will destroy a woman’s life.

In fact, this originally meant that women should abide by social norms in terms of sexual relations, but under the influence of feudal imprisonment, many people mistakenly magnified it into the sexual life of couples, as if in specific behaviors, expressions and sexual reactions,The wife should not be mad or crazy, otherwise it is kinky.

銆€銆€There are also many wives who are ashamed or ashamed of their spontaneous sexual demands. They always feel that they are asking for sexual demands to be 鈥渟quatting鈥?or 鈥渟ao鈥?and even feel like a prostitute.

This is not a problem in the early stage of the wedding, but because the sex life is in the normal state, if the wife pays too much attention to the image, it is often impossible to scientifically correct the sexual errors that may occur on both sides. The result is in the heart relative to each other, but the problem is more and more troublesome.The bigger.

銆€銆€To care too much about one’s own image is easy to deny yourself and to blame each other.

In addition, there is one of the most direct and common adverse consequences, that is, to distract yourself from the position of the observer or the examiner, deliberately and reluctantly do something that you think should be.

As a result, not only can they not feel the love with their husbands in their sexual life, but they also objectively suppress and disappoint each other.

銆€銆€Among the wives who have positive prospects for sexual life and positive affirmation, they have high expectations for the role of sexual life, mainly in the following aspects: some wives do not understand male sexual psychology and sexual psychological characteristics, mistakesI believe that men must be proactive in any situation at any time.

Therefore, when the other party is tense and tired or does not have enough visual and psychological stimulation, it is felt that the husband does not want to have sex and is not considerate of himself. It is the dilution of love and even the outside.

銆€銆€Some wives have a very high demand for emotional communication in sexual life, but they do not bother or are not good at expressing and communicating. As a result, they have troubles that they can’t tell, and their husbands are puzzled, making their husbands feel that their husbands don’t understand themselves.The heart is also very easy to outline as “not true love” “man does not understand love.”

銆€銆€Some wives are not good at distinguishing between sex life and daily life in marriage, and do not understand the difference between the two.

When the husband performed well in his sexual life, his wife mistakenly thought that he would be a model husband in all aspects of daily life.

A little difference, the wife will suffocate “the tenderness of the bed.”

銆€銆€The existence of the above three misconceptions of sexuality affects both husband and wife’s understanding and pursuit of harmonious sexual love, and some even endanger the existence of the relationship between husband and wife.

It is worth pointing out that although these three sexual concepts exist among the wives, as husbands, they have the responsibility to help their wives step out of misunderstanding and share sexual love and joy.