Duan Yihong, Yan Bingyan, Du Jiang and others talked about how to improve the self-cultivation of actors

Duan Yihong, Yan Bingyan, Du Jiang and others talked about “how to improve the self-cultivation of actors”
The self-cultivation of actors of the 28th China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival Main Education Forum hosted by the Chinese Literature and Art Circles Federation, the Chinese Film Artists Association, the Xiamen Municipal People ‘s Government, and hosted by Xiamen Taiyang Chuanhe Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd. on November 23″antique.The members of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, performance artist Wang Tiecheng, actor Duan Yihong, Zhang Songwen, Yan Bingyan, Li Naiwen, Du Jiang, Wan Qian, and host Li Xiaofeng discussed the growth and cultivation of actors with the theme of “actor self-cultivation”.Photo courtesy of the organizer.Wang Tiecheng expressed his views from the perspective of actors’ moral cultivation.He believes that the basis for actors to improve their cultivation is to love life. Actors should draw nutrients from life and constantly dig the depth of works and roles. “Actors must treat the world with sincerity, treat performances, treat others, and treat themselves.The smartest person in the world is the most honest person.Actors must treat their lives and arts with extreme honesty and not be a little smart. This is an alternative and basis for digging into characters and exquisitely shaping them.Actors Duan Yihong, Yan Bingyan, Li Naiwen, Du Jiang, and Wan Qian exchanged ideas on the theme of “how to improve the self-cultivation of actors.”Duan Yihong recalled his four years in the Chinese opera.He feels that truth is the constant pursuit of being an actor and the life of performing arts. All expressions are derived from the truth of life.As a fellow student, Li Naiwen understands that the self-cultivation of actors is responsible for the performance career he loves and is responsible to the audience.Du Jiang speaks for young actors and includes everyone to analyze the problem comprehensively, not just simply blaming traffic stars.Du Jiang said that he has worked with Yang Ying, Chen He and others, and they are all serious actors.Wan Qian bluntly stated that it is the duty of an actor to spend time experiencing life. It cannot be something that an actor uses to brag. The actor should live to let the character grow from himself.Yan Bingyan, a successful cross-border film and television actor from dancers, believes that actors are the closest profession to Vanity Fair. In it, they should grasp themselves well and distinguish certain things that should not be touched.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan Editor Xu Meilin Proofreading Wei Zhuo