Is there a relationship between a woman’s body and IQ?


Is there a relationship between a woman’s body and IQ?

According to a new study in the United States, women with 鈥渉ourglass鈥? shaped waists with a thin buttocks are smarter than women with 鈥渁pple鈥?figures and 鈥渂uckets鈥? and their children’s IQ is often higher.

Scientists believe that there may be cracked Omega-3 fatty acids in the buttocks of women with “hourglass” shaped bodies.

The findings are published in the recent issue of Evolution and Human Behavior.

銆€銆€The ideal scientific study of the waist-to-hip ratio muscle found that men 鈥渋nherently鈥?like women with relatively large hips and relatively large waist circumference.

Although there are many theories that such women are prone to pregnancy, easy to produce, and have a long life, no one can explain why men like good-looking women.

銆€銆€Today, new research by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh and the University of California, Santa Barbara, provides a possible answer.

According to reports, the researchers collected data on 16,000 women and girls, including their size and cognitive test scores.

銆€銆€The study found that women with large differences in waist circumference and hip circumference significantly exceeded the women with little difference in waist circumference and hip circumference.

In addition, their children also scored relatively high in the test.

These women are not very thin, the key is that their waist circumference is much smaller than the hip circumference, and the waist and hip ratio is zero.


Between 7.

銆€銆€The researchers believe that women’s plump chest and thigh can accumulate a lot of feces, which may contain more Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids, which are important for spinal brain development during pregnancy.

銆€銆€”Curve beauty” has a physiological advantage, and the minority in the waist contains Omega-6 fatty acids, which are not suitable for human brain development.

Aunts at the waist may cause diabetes and high blood pressure.

Women who are too thin and women with “buckets” lack certain types of aunts.

銆€銆€The researchers said that this also explains why men like women with curves and curves.

The study provides a physiological basis for men who like to have curvaceous beauty.

銆€銆€The report pointed out that if this research is true, then the full-fledged Italian actress Sofia?

Roland is not only good at appearance, but also more likely to have high IQ.

And the Hollywood actress Nicole with a fat and broken fracture?

Kidman lacks the essential fatty acids.

銆€銆€Although these theories have yet to be confirmed, but the psychologist Paula?

Hall said: “This study shows that sexy women are smarter, indicating that women with good builds may be good at other things besides raising their children.

“Physicist Harry?”

Dr. Wichel also said: “So far, we can say that women of good shape have advantages in Western society, and their essence is that they are physiologically superior.

The lack of fatty acid research in teenage mothers also explains why children who are pregnant with younger teenage mothers have replaced scores in cognitive tests because young mothers may not have enough beneficial obesity to store enough.
鈥?銆€銆€Scientists believe that the cognitive development of children born to young mothers has been weakened, and their own cognitive development has also been compromised by the proportion of women who have children born late.

Studies have shown that children born by younger-looking young mothers are not the same phenomenon, and their cognitive performance is not bad.