Seven strokes to relieve cold hands and feet

Seven strokes to relieve cold hands and feet

Some patients usually feel cold hands and feet, especially when the weather becomes cold. This is mostly a cold syndrome of yang deficiency and cold, but also aversion to coldness and warmth, pale faces, cold limbs, lying down, thirst, and sputum.Large amount, clear and long urine, thin stool, pale tongue, white fur, slow or tight pulse.

Yang deficiency can often be divided into many types, such as heart-yang deficiency, spleen-yang deficiency, kidney-yang deficiency, and stomach-yang deficiency.

Kidney-yang, also known as Yuanyang, is true fire, true-yang, and life-gate fire. It is the root of yang in the human body, and it promotes the functions of various internal organs and warms the body.

If the yang deficiency of other viscera is untreated and mistreated, kidney yang will inevitably be affected over time. Conversely, if the yang deficiency of other viscera is inadequate, the loss of other viscera will be worsened by temperature deficiency.

For this kind of patients, in addition to proper taking of warm-yang drugs, the usual precautions for health care and life-adjustment should also be done as follows: First, keep warm, especially pay attention to keep the lower back, lower abdomen, legs and feet warm.

  Second, you should wear loose clothes, and don’t wear tights, as it will affect the blood circulation in the periphery due to tight tights, which will make your hands and feet cold.

  Third, soak your feet with hot water before going to bed at night to improve local blood circulation and let your feet heat up.

  Fourth, we must strengthen physical exercise and physical labor, so that the blood circulation and metabolism of the limbs can be accelerated, which can make people full of vitality, and the whole body is warm and comfortable.

  Fifth, eat more warm foods such as black chicken, beef, dog meat, mutton, chives, walnuts, longan.

Avoid eating cold, iced or cold drinks, and eat cold fruits such as fruits, white radishes, green tea, etc.

  Sixth, appropriately take ginseng, codonopsis, angelica, ginger, astragalus, poria, atractylodes, dried ginger, galangal, cinnamon, cinnamon sticks and other drugs that have spleen and kidney, warm Yang and cold.

  Seventh, use moxa to moxibustion or massage Chinese acupoints, shrines, Qihai, Guan Yuan, and Yongquan.