5 minutes chair weight loss exercise quickly create a cutting-edge belly


5 minutes chair weight loss exercise quickly create a cutting-edge belly

Lead: Waist and abdomen is recognized as easy to accumulate a small number of parts, want to sculpture waist line, then must do thin waist exercise.

Today Xiaobian will teach you the acceleration method of thin waist, just use a chair to do the following weight loss exercises, thin waist and abdomen effect is very good, help you create the most killing S curve!

銆€銆€Chair weight loss exercise 5 minutes a day, the same beautiful movement of the waist, with the help of a prop, the effect can be greatly improved.

The props we want to use today are the chairs that are used every day.

銆€銆€Prepare a chair with a seat back and a high degree of appropriateness. Let’s do a good waist exercise!

銆€銆€Chair sculpture one: twisted and turned, made a double C waist line Step1 sitting at the tip of the chair 1/3, the body stretched upwards, feet together and smoothly step on the ground.

銆€銆€Step2 Keep the body extended upwards, start to twist from the waist, and turn the upper body to the left rear.

銆€銆€Step3 In order to increase the torsion force, the right hand holds the top of the chair, and the left hand is supported on the back of the chair, and the torsion curvature is determined according to its own limit.

銆€銆€When you twist, you can’t bend over and hump, keep your head up and chest to really tighten to the waist length.

銆€銆€Chair sculpture 2: Raise the hand sideways, the sculpture waist line Step1 sits about 1/3 of the front of the chair, the body extends upwards and stretches, the alignment is slightly separated, the feet are naturally placed upwards, and the right hand holds the right edge of the chair.

銆€銆€Step2 keep the body extending upwards and draw a big circle on the left hand to raise it up.

銆€銆€Step3 exhales, the pelvis is stable, and the left hand is tilted to the right. By the strength of the arm, the body is tilted and the longitudinal waist line is extended.

銆€銆€If the pelvis moves or the body is skewed when the point is dumped, it cannot be accurately extended to the waist side, which may cause sports injuries.

銆€銆€Chair sculpture three: shrink the arch back, strengthen the abdominal muscles Step1 body front bend, hands on both sides of the chair, let the arms, thighs and body torso dry 90 degrees, the body extends forward, feet down steady.

銆€銆€Step2 Slowly retract the abdomen, push it back to the northeast, press and hold down, and push the arm to the chair.

銆€銆€Step3 exhales, shrinks the abdomen to the limit, bows forward and backward, and arches the toes to help the body feel more inward and push.

銆€銆€Chair sculpture four: sit-ups, enhance abdominal muscles Step1 lying on the floor, the calf across the surface of the chair, hands on both sides of the body.

銆€銆€Step2 exhale, use the power of the abdomen, lift the shoulder blade above the ground, and float your hands together.