People with too much self-esteem are aggressive

People with too much self-esteem are aggressive

Responsible experts tell us that there are many different types of self-esteem in life.

In their research, they found that some self-esteem is easily broken and superficial. It is better to keep a lower self-esteem.

Researchers say that many people once believed that high self-esteem was necessary.

However, in recent years, people have increasingly found that excessive self-esteem is connected with excessive behaviors, and self-esteem has come into the sight of people’s scrutiny.

Experts say, for example, when self-esteem becomes a verbal attack, it becomes more dangerous.

For example, when one’s beliefs, opinions, and values are endangered, they may constantly attack others.

  Self-esteem is a fragile researcher who organized 100 college students to participate in this study, which is divided into three parts.

  First, students fill out forms to determine their level of self-esteem.

The staff then passed different tests to assess their level of self-esteem.

Finally, these college students participated in an interview with a life experience.

In this interview, the researchers asked college students about their past.

These questions include some relatively natural questions, such as “how do you see your own growth process”, but also some more difficult questions: “Tell us about the things and time that you secretly harm yourself.”

  The results show that people with the appropriate self-esteem are more likely to accept themselves frankly.

When they encounter unsuccessful things or difficult problems to deal with, they will also seek truth from facts and will not irritate people casually.

In contrast, those with high self-esteem are more irritable and also assume verbal aggressiveness.

  The researchers say that these findings help support the idea that a high degree of protection reflects a sense of insecurity, fragility, and some negativeness.

Of course, we are not talking about disrespect for those who feel good about themselves.

What we really mean is that for those people with high self-esteem, when they experience some unfavorable things, they can easily become aggressive and their self-esteem is easily hit. So psychological frustration is also conceivable.Known.