The way to make your work happy

The way to make your work happy

In the workplace, you have to have fun at work: escape from the trap of perfectionism. Perfectionists always set a perfect goal in advance, and strive to be perfect, and if they can’t do it, they will blame themselves and avoid depression.Therefore, there is full suspicion and denial of one’s own ability, which surrounds the trap of perfectionism.

In fact, as long as we work hard, we can do whatever it takes.

Be good at learning to cheer for each and every effort, and let yourself have a sense of accomplishment at all times. A woman who is satisfied with self-confidence will be filled with happy troubles. “Amnesia” is difficult to get along with, a painful loss of love, an annoyance of interpersonal relationships, a career disappointment, etc.Wait, life is full of troubles, but we can’t worry about the unpleasant experience, and let the unhappy emotions linger.

We must try to learn to forget the troubles quickly. If you don’t like it, you can find a way to quickly change your troubles, or sleep a lot, or join a friend’s party, or make up for your favorite entertainment or sports. In short, you can achieveYou put on the way of worrying “amnesia”.

For troubles and conflicts, we must resolutely make a woman who is “heartless”.

  Never compare with others. Some women always like to compare with others. It seems that the scenery of others is the pain of her heart. When others are proud of it, she is deeply frustrated. Over time, the mentality is unbalanced, the mind is twisted, and the troubles are overwhelming.

Precautions and jealousy must be the nemesis of a happy state of mind.

  In fact, each of us has the advantage that no one else can replace. If we manage ourselves and avoid ourselves, we will fall behind into a broader life path. The important thing is peace and relaxation.

  Finding happiness is not something we can’t ask for. It depends entirely on your own ideas.

For example, if you have a business on the mountain, you can imagine that this is your favorite thing, the pressure is relieved, the emotions are soaring, the natural efficiency is multiplied, and the complaints can only make things develop in the opposite direction.

  Carnegie, a successful expert, says that accepting the worst can psychologically give you new abilities.

When you are at low tide, you can think about it: I have come to a low tide, but where can I go?

According to the logic of development, when the low point is to rotate to a high place, such a state of mind will certainly be very encouraging morale.

This is by no means the moral victory method of Ah Q. Otherwise, things are already serious. If you are unhappy and do not help, it is better to change your mind, try to find fun, and cheer for yourself.

  Losing is also happy Sometimes, too much unhappiness is because we always want to get but we are afraid of losing, and we are depressed and unhappy for losing things.

In fact, loss and acquisition are a pair of conjoined infants, which are interdependent.

Lose youth to gain maturity and life experience, lose time to get paid for hard work, lose high-paying positions, but get the leisure time you want, lose the person you love and get the person who loves you more.

Think of it this way, we are really hurting for the opposite, but we should be happy for the loss from time to time.

  Don’t care about other people’s eyes Some women have replaced their expectations, like living in the standards of others, looking for the value of self in others’ judgments.

Such a woman, someone else’s smashing destruction destroys all her confidence, because she cares too much about what others think of themselves.

  Care about other people’s opinions can only disturb their own size and live a heavy life.

  Only by doing what you want, not for others’ eyes to violate their own minds, to respect the way of life of their own life, to do what you really want to do, to do what you want to do, to achieve a happy and happy state of life, like a swallow flying light.