Pharmaceutical King Sun Sizhen eight health and wisdom, to raise the body and raise the heart, it is recommended for permanent collection!


“Pharmaceutical King” Sun Sizhen eight health and wisdom, to raise the body and raise the heart, it is recommended for permanent collection!

Sun Sizhen, Jing Zhaohua, was born in the first year of Emperor Kaihuang (AD 581) and died in the first year of Tang Yongzhen (AD 682). He lived a hundred and two years old.

People regard him as a “god” and honor him as a “medicine king.”

1, doctors must not blame their own strengths, concentrate on the financial assets.

From the “prepared for the urgent need to talk about the big doctor”.

[Translation]Doctors can’t rely on their own expertise and concentrate on seeking property.

2, the ticket is spirited, but the person is expensive.

Those who are expensive, make a living forever.

From “The Whole Tang Wen路Volume One Hundred and Eighty-eight.

[Translation]It is the most noble person who is born with the spirit of the heavens and the earth.

The most precious thing for people is probably life.

3, the way of nourishment, often wants to work, but it is too much to be tired and strong.

From the “prepared emergency medicine, Dao Lin Yang”.

[translation]The truth of self-cultivation is often a little tired, but don’t be too tired or force things that are beyond the reach of force.

4, anger and partiality, thinking too much damage to God.

God is weak and easy to fight, and the weak and weak are opposite.

From “Zunsheng gossip, clear repair theory, Sun Zhenren health Ming”.

[Translation]Too much like anger, it will hurt the spirit; think too much, turn into spirit.

5, not taken in time, and the dead wood is not special, the waste of human power, the death has no intention.

From the “Qian Jin Fang Fang 路 medicine collection season”.

[translation]So the medicinal herbs that are not taken according to the seasons are no different from the dead wood, which wastes people’s efforts in vain. In the end, there is no advantage.

6, for the medical practitioners are not good at the pulse, but not aware of the temperament, the end is not perfect.

From the “Thousands of Gold Wings, Diagnostics and Colors”.

[translation]Although the doctor is slightly better than the diagnosis pulse, but I do not know how to look at the disease through the color, after all, there is no point and beauty of medical treatment.

7, good at the birth of the people, no guilty of the sun and the moon, the loss of peace and harmony.

From the “prepared emergency medicine, Dao Lin Yang”.
[Translation]People who are good at health care, do not blame the taboo of the sun and the moon, good coordination in the past year.

8, if you want to be a doctor, you must ask “Su Wen”.

“A and B”.

. and other departments, but also to explain the yin and yang, the family, and the five turtles, “Zhou Yi.”

Six 澹? and must be skilled, so it is a big doctor.

From the “prepared emergency medicine, on the big medical practice.”

[translation]Anyone who wants to be a good doctor must be familiar with Su Wen.

“A and B”.
. and many other classic prescriptions, but also to master the yin and yang five elements, the legend of the fat food, the method of each family and the five turtles of the burning turtle, “Zhou Yi” Liu Wei and other divination methods must be sophisticated, so that can be called excellentDoctors.