I often drink certain soups in winter

I often drink certain soups in winter

It is reported that drinking more soup is good for your health.

Especially in autumn and winter, various soups become delicious.

Different types of soups have different effects.

Here are some soups commonly used in winter and winter-ribs soup anti-aging: ribs soup contains protein, traces, vitamins, and also contains a large amount of calcium phosphate, bone collagen, bone mucin, etc., which can provide calcium for young children and the elderly.

The special nutrients and collagen in bone soup can promote microcirculation, especially for people aged 50-59 years. The bone age is fast. Drinking bone soup can strengthen bones and slow down the aging of the body.

Add melon, kelp or lotus root to the pork rib soup, and it can continue to clear heat and invigorate qi.

  Chicken soup resists colds: Chicken soup, especially old hen soup, has a good effect of tonic.

It can relieve the symptoms of colds and improve the body’s immune function.

Drinking more chicken soup in autumn and winter can help improve the body’s immunity and keep out influenza viruses.

But chicken soup has a warming effect, and people with inflammation should drink less.

  Yutang spleen appetizer: Fish has the effects of spleen appetizer, cough and asthma. Taking it with winter melon and light onion soup can relieve edema.

Fish soup contains comprehensive and high-quality protein, which can relieve wrinkles caused by mental factors such as stress and lack of sleep.

  Pig’s trotter soup to nourish qi and blood: the trotter’s flat taste is sweet, enters the spleen, stomach, kidney meridian, can strengthen the waist and legs, nourish the blood and dryness, and fill the kidney with essence.

Add some peanuts and trotters to the soup, especially for women. The folks specifically use this soup to improve women’s postpartum yin deficiency and milk intake.