Everyone is envious of Porcelain White Muscle


Everyone is envious of Porcelain White Muscle

As for the history and development of China, porcelain has always been a pivotal part.

For women, each wants to have smooth and delicate skin like porcelain, which is the perfect skin.

For the perfect skin like porcelain, you need to do the following four skin care chapters.


hzh {display: none; }  第一篇章 保湿  健康的肌肤表层应有12%-15%的水分,含水量充足的肌肤,皮肤看起来水当当,不但柔软光滑,摸起来更是充满弹性,散发年轻Glory.
But once there is a lack of water, in addition to the dry and rough, the small wrinkles will come out to see people. The young birds are gone forever, but don’t take care.

From this we can see how important moisturizing is. Having a good skin with water dangdang, start to act now.

  Moisturizing tips: 1, drink enough water, drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, in addition to drinking water, don’t forget to eat more fruits.

  2. Avoid wind and sun as much as possible.

Minimize outdoor activities.

  3. Do not wash your face with excess water. Be sure to use makeup water to replenish your face after washing your face.

  4, choose a moisturizing care product with high moisturizing effect, directly help the skin retain moisture.

  5, using a moisturizing mask to SOS dry and dehydrated skin.

  6, spray-type mineral water or moisturizing and moisturizing liquid, when you feel that your skin is dry, play a role.

Especially in an air-conditioned room, spraying upwards can keep the skin moisturized and refreshing.

  In the second chapter, narrow pores and enlarged pores are a common skin problem for many boys and girls. The reason for this is that the dirt and oil on the skin surface combine with each other, and begin to oxidize after exposure to air. After an accumulation of time, annoying blackheads becomeWith thick pores.

But when the problem of large pores appeared, then the whole person suddenly lacked energy, and could not reach the princess’ delicate and delicate qualities.

  Tips for narrowing pores: 1, ice pack-moisten the iced lotion with a cotton pad and apply it to the shell or the pores with large pores, which can combine a good convergence effect.

  2. Cold towel-Put a clean small towel in the refrigerator. After washing your face, gently put an ice towel on it for a few seconds.

  3, use fruit to apply the surface-watermelon peel, lemon peel, etc. can be used to apply the surface, they have a good convergence soft pores, inhibit oil secretion and whitening and other multiple effects.

  4, lemon juice wash face-people with oily skin can add a few drops of lemon juice in clean water when washing their face. In addition to converging pores, it can also reduce the occurrence of acne and facial blister (but note that the concentration should not be too strong and not too thickApply lemon juice directly on both ends).

  5, cotton pad + lotion-prepare a small bottle of oil-free lotion in advance and put on cotton pads. After one hour, spray the cotton pad with toner on the cotton pad to gently wipe out the oily part. It is refreshing and fresh for you with large pores.Effective.

  The third chapter tightens the skin. The size and size of the human contour determine the temperament and impression of a person, especially the beauty MMs who have strict requirements on themselves. It is everyone’s dream to have a compact and perfect contour.
Be a delicate woman with us.

  Tightening coup tricks: 1. From the middle of the chin, to the upper side of the ear to the lower part of the ear.

  2. Starting from the Dicang acupoint at the top of the mouth corner, push it upward to the side to the middle and upper part of the ear roots 4, from the cymbal bamboo acupoint on the brow, push it upward to the temple three or four times, and press it on the temple for the last time.

  5. Sliding from the temple along the lower orbit to the position of the bridge of the nose, and then from here to the eyebrow, push back to the temple along the upper edge of the eyebrow.

Form a circular massage.

The last place to end is in the Yintang acupoint in the middle of the eyebrows, stop it.

  6. From the Yintang acupoint, alternate hands, slide down gently along the bridge of the nose, about six times.

  7, from the middle of the chin to the slurry hole to the middle position.

  8. Take an appropriate amount of neck cream, put your hands and four fingers together, knead them apart and become warm.

The four fingers of the right hand start from the left shoulder collarbone and push up to the back of the left ear.

The right hand is the same, and the last two hands can be massaged alternately.

  The fourth chapter whitens.

hzh {display: none; }  美白方法当然很多,但美白并不是一两天的事,耐心和恒心才能铸造美白的肌肤.
Introduce some daily whitening methods to everyone, often do it, I believe you will definitely become Snow White.

  Whitening coups: 1. Whitening conditioning. After cleansing the skin, using a moisturizing conditioning with whitening ingredients can reduce the transfer of melanin and inhibit the production of melanin. It may be used as a lotion.White mask for enhanced whitening and moisturizing care.Long-term use of moisturizing beauty conditioning products can increase the volume of the skin, while making the skin whitening, but also make the skin skin transparent, and after the water and fat balance, it is easier for the skin care products to absorb.

  2. For whitening fast, whitening essence must be indispensable.

Essence is used after lotion. It mainly contains vitamin C, kojic acid, vitamin B3 and other ingredients. It not only whitens, repairs, but also nourishes the skin. If you choose the right essence for your skin, usually at 4?
After 8 weeks, you can see the whitening effect.

  3. Use a barrier cream.

During the day, it will inevitably come into contact with the sun and dirty air that produce spots and computer radiation. It does not prevent the use of barrier creams to keep the skin away from these killers. It is recommended to choose a barrier cream that combines sun protection, nourishment, whitening and isolation.

  4. Use a mask.

Apply with whitening mask (1?
2 times).

Alternate tearing or cleaning can be used. At present, all open-type beauty supplies stores sell a variety of whitening masks, even filled with antibacterial cotton. DIY masks that can be formulated by themselves are excellent.s Choice.

  5. Use the best whitening time for women-the follicular phase.

There is a golden breakdown of the whitening effect in the female skin’s physiological cycle. Female hormones are secreted from the body during ovulation. Frequent skin rashes and active melanin appear. It is difficult to obtain ideal results when using whitening products.。From the beginning of menstruation to the next ovulation period, the whitening effect is very good.