Daren reveals skincare methods that are harmful to the skin

Daren reveals skincare methods that are harmful to the skin

Most skin care programs are not good for human skin, but are harmful.

So this kind of woman uses a lot of cosmetics and skin care products in the bladder. In the end, his skin is not as good as his husband or colleagues who do not use skin care products. Why is that? Listen to me.


Most men’s skin is better than women’s: because men do not pay attention to skin care, do not do beauty, thick stratum corneum, and skin is not easily damaged.

  Conclusion: Don’t peel dead skin.


The skin on your body is better than yours: the clothes you wear are not exposed to sunlight and are not damaged by UV rays.

  Conclusion: Don’t let the sun shine on the face, you can apply sunscreen.


The skin in perennial wet places is better than that in perennial dry places: Chengdu, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Harbin and other places have good skin, and Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, and Xinjiang have poor skin. These places have much different air humidity.

  Conclusion: The more humid the air, the better the skin (humidity!



People who eat meat have better skin than those who are vegetarian; those who are completely vegetarian have large pores, thin skin, easy wrinkles and acne.

  Conclusion: It is good to eat meat appropriately.


People who eat fish have better skin than people who eat meat: At this weight, people on the coast have better skin than those on the inland. In Asia, the skin of the Japanese is definitely the best.

  Conclusion: Eat more fish, precipitation conditioning is important for skin beauty.


Young people have better skin than older people: As you age, your skin ages naturally. This is the number one priority for skin aging.

  Summary: It’s nice to be young.


Skin with skin care products is not as good as skin without skin care products: Many people do not use skin care products for a lifetime, the stratum corneum is protected, sebum is not washed away, the skin is protected, and the skin is better.

  Summary: Most skin care products and methods are harmful to the skin.

  I don’t want to compete with the world’s famous cosmetics companies. This article is dedicated to my favorite women, because I love you, I hope you are more beautiful.

  There are several issues that must be clarified: 1.

Skin care products that claim to contain amino acids and proteins should not be used-because amino acids are putrefactive, so all preservatives are used-can itself cause cancer.

Amino acids are rarely absorbed by the skin.


Do not use cosmetics that contain vitamins. Vitamin c and vitamin e, which are good for the skin, are easily oxidized. They cannot exist in skin care products for a long time.


Shampoos that claim to make hair black ca n’t be used. White hair is best treated with a doctor. The reason is the same as 1,2.

  Listen to me: 1.

Wash your face in cold water daily without face wash unless you remove makeup.

  2. If the skin is dry, use some animal oil to coat it.

  3. Do not use dead skin cream unless needed for treatment.

  4, go out with a duck hat, it is best to use an umbrella on sunny days.

  5. Eat fresh food and drink plenty of water.
  6. Try not to put on makeup.