Teach you to restore injured nails to health


Teach you to restore injured nails to health

If your hands are continuously exposed to water, chemicals or detergent, your nails may become brittle.

1/5 of the people have suffered from brittle nails, you can try the following solutions to restore injured nails to health: how to restore nails to health1.

When cleaning and doing housework, be sure to wear clean plastic gloves and tie up the top to prevent water ingress.

When your nails are brittle, prepare a pair of soft, thin cotton gloves for yourself.


Bring hand cream with you, and moisturize thoroughly after washing your hands.

If you always need to wash your hands, you can go to the pharmacy to buy a bottle of aqueous cream, which is a very moisturizing and moisturizing product, which reduces the possibility of nails drying and cracking.


Brittle nails may be caused by health problems, some iron deficiency or hypothyroidism.

Check your toenails. If your fingers are damaged, your toenails will have the same symptoms.


If the nails are almost brittle and very thick, it is likely that they are caused by a dust infection.

It can spread from one nail to another. Ask the doctor to take a small sample of the nail to check for infection.

  -Sarah Jarvis, doctor of clinical medicine, trainer merger of the Royal College of Clinical Medicine of the United Kingdom, perennial military clinical research work, has extensive medical experience.