Qi deficiency is manifested in these parts of the body

Qi deficiency is manifested in these parts of the body

The cold weather shivered many people, even wearing expensive down jackets to no avail.

Some categories of people are even worse off. In addition, their limbs, including their hands and feet, are cold, and their spirits are often in a state of weakness.

Most people may think that this is caused by the cold climate. As long as they survive the winter, they can restore their body and spirit to a full and healthy state.

  In fact, these symptoms are all caused by lack of qi and blood. The so-called qi and blood is a concept proposed by Chinese medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that qi is a substance with strong vitality running in the human body, which represents the qi of the five internal organs and meridians.

Blood is blood flowing through the meridians throughout the body, and blood is healthy and ruddy.

  In traditional Chinese medicine, qi deficiency and blood deficiency are collectively referred to as deficiency of qi and blood. Once a person has a deficiency of qi and blood, a series of symptoms will be caused. These symptoms will mainly manifest in various parts of the body.The filling condition of one’s own body blood.

  First, looking at the eyes Looking at the eyes is to pay attention to seeing whether your eyes are clear and sharp. When each individual was born, he had a pair of clear and dark eyes. In that state, the eyes are actually the healthiest.

However, through the development of the body and changes in living habits, the human eye will gradually change, especially for friends with insufficient blood and qi, this change will become more obvious.

  Everyone should have heard of the term “people old pearl yellow”. Now it is used to metaphor that women who are old will be as worthless as pearls that have turned yellow over time.

However, its original meaning actually refers to the abnormal phenomenon that occurs on the eyes.

“Beads” are eyeballs. If the color of the white eyes becomes cloudy, yellow, bloodshot, and the bags under the eyes become inexplicably large, then the blood of the human body may be serious; otherwise, the eyes are bright and bright.Clear, that is full of qi and blood.

  Second, people who look at the ears often say that people with big ears are more blessed. For example, Liu Bei’s “Large ears and shoulders, long hands and knees” are recorded in the history books. Although this is exaggerated, it can also be trimmed as early as ancient timesThere is considerable research on the ears.

  For example, if the ears are neither large nor shiny, and the earlobe is thin, then if the ears are larger and softer, with more meat and less bones, and the earlobe is very full, then these characteristics can indicate that the person’s blood is full; thenIt means lack of qi and blood.

TCM has a cloud: “The ears have their veins together”, which also confirms the nature of the ear from the side.

If people can spend three to five minutes a day rubbing their ears, it will gradually improve their spirit and relieve their fatigue.

  Third, looking at hair and hair can be said to be a very obvious feature that can reflect qi and blood filling, even if some people are already old, they still have dark hair.

In sharp contrast, some talented white hair appeared in their twenties.

In fact, this is the best proof of a bloody or not.

  There is also a saying in Chinese medicine that “the hair is made of blood”, which means that the hair is nourished by the blood remaining in the blood. Only when the blood is full can the hair be more healthy.

The thick black, soft and beautiful hair can represent a person’s qi and blood is relatively rich; conversely, if the hair appears dry, yellow and white, it is a manifestation of qi and blood deficiency.

  Fourth, look at the skin and blood of a person can also be reflected by the complexion, the complexion directly affects a person’s health or not.

If the skin on the face is red and shiny and elastic, it means that the blood is full, but if the complexion is pale, listless, and there are long spots, blue, and yellow, then onlyThe situation that leads to excessive blood is more serious.

In daily life, we must fully understand our skin condition, so as not to surround ourselves with a lack of qi and blood without knowing it.

  Fifth, seeing sleep qi and blood is the basis of all human life activities. Some people always feel that they lack sleep or are often destroyed by insomnia. In fact, these conditions are caused by qi and blood deficiency.

Many friends’ sleep quality is better, they can often sleep in the sun, but also fall asleep faster, and the sleep quality is also very high.

This situation indicates that the human body is rich in qi and blood; while some people always find it difficult to fall asleep, dreaming and awakening may even cause snoring, which represents a substitute for qi and blood.

  Now, everyone knows how to judge the situation of qi and blood by observing various parts of the body.

Although qi and blood is a concept in traditional Chinese medicine, it does affect our physical health. Therefore, in normal life, we must pay more attention to these specific parts, so as not to threaten our health.