Four types of lung function


Four types of lung function

This function to nourish the lungs, prevent colds, coughs, complications and other diseases, it is best to choose at about 10 o’clock in the morning, practice to open the window and ventilate for half an hour, so that the indoor air is fresh.


Visual physical condition, you can choose to sit or stand, relax, lighten your eyes, and mix your breath.

Then, use the abdominal breathing method, slowly inhale with the nose, when sucking to the limit, slowly exhale with the nose, while the teeth are light and light, read the word “”, the sound should be clear and natural, wait until the gas is exhaustedAfter that, inhale again.

Repeatedly, do 24 consecutively?

32 times.

This method has the effect of supplementing the lungs and replenishing qi.


Keep the vertical position unchanged, the upper body straight, the chin lifted up to tilt the head back, insert the pointer, the thumb is separated from the other four fingers, point the tiger’s mouth to the throat, press the cymbal from top to bottom, until the top, the left and right hands alternately wipe 40?60 times.

This method has the effect of clearing the throat, relieving cough and removing phlegm.


Sit on the bed or chair, straight back, relax, and mix thoroughly.

Then, the legs naturally cross off the ground, squatting, head down, hands on the bed or chair, force to support the body, while arching the shoulders up, according to individual physical conditions, repeated 5 -10 times.

This method can circulate the lungs, regulate the waterway, and has the effect of nourishing the lungs.


Still take the seat, the back is naturally relaxed, the eyes are closed, the two hands are gripped into empty punches, and the side is reversed. The center of the back is beaten first, then the back is beaten, and the top is down from the top to the bottom.
銆€銆€Repeat 3?
5 times, do not hold your breath when you beat.

Then the molars 5?
10 times, put in the liquid and slowly swallow.

This method can relax the air in the chest, traffic the back of the meridians, and have the effect of nourishing the lungs and strengthening the stomach.