Choose the right yoga practice time

Choose the right yoga practice time

Early in the morning, before breakfast is the best time for yoga exercises.

  You can practice in the evening or at other times, but make sure to practice after fasting or complete digestion.

It is roughly three to four hours after a meal. Drinking liquid food or drink can be practiced after half an hour.

  In fact, more specific practice time rules are practiced in the morning before the sun comes out, at noon when the sun reaches the top of the head, in the evening after sunset, in the early morning at 12 o’clock in the evening.

  Practice different content at different times, such as practicing asana in the morning, practicing Panda at noon, and practicing meditation at night.

Practitioners should choose the time that is most convenient for them, and practice at the same time every day. When practicing yoga, the body should remain normal and quiet. If there is an uncomfortable place or condition at this time, try not to practice excessively strong methods.No practice at all.

Perfect multi-practice yoga, of course, can never exceed the ability of the body.