Mountain climbing, lonely sport

Mountain climbing, lonely sport

Ding Zhicheng, actor.

He has starred in “Heavy Case Six Group II”, “Waiting for Your Return” and other works.

  Ding Zhicheng usually starts climbing around 5pm.

As soon as he entered Xiangshan Park, he went straight to the steep slope of the southern foothills, throwing away the pines and cypresses by the lake, and all the way to the top.

If he is in a good mood, his pace will be fast; if there is something in his mind, the initial rhythm will be slow, but eventually it will gradually get faster.

  On days when he was not filming, he walked around Xiangshan every day; when he filmed in the crew, he would try to find a local mountain to climb, even if it was a small mound, and try to stick to a sport.

  This kind of life started when he lived in Xiangshan Hotel 4 years ago.

The kind of green mountains and water environment at that time made Ding Zhicheng, who was accustomed to the irregular life, think, “Oh, good!”

So, the actor who has been fighting in the gym for years has decided to move to Xiangshan.

  Thinking back to the beginning of climbing the mountain, Ding Zhicheng admitted that although he was a frequent visitor to the gym, at the beginning he still had less than half of the climb and even breathed.

Persevering, climbing the mountain slowly became a habit.

He told reporters: “The difficulty of climbing a mountain begins with overcoming inertia.

When you cross the physiological limit and become a habit, you will feel uncomfortable without going up the mountain.

“Another important reason for Ding Zhicheng’s love of climbing is that when a person climbs a mountain, he can sort out various thoughts in his heart.

“Climbing is suitable for doing it alone when there is no collocation with partners. If you want to go faster, you can go faster and slower if you want to go slower. It is most suitable for thinking while walking.

Ding Zhicheng most often remembers the motto carved at the foot of the mountain: consistent contentment, two eyes overlooking, three meals and festivals, four seasons are not lazy, all grains eat, six lusts, patience, communication in all directions, nineAlcohol) is very frank and out of smoke.

  ”Climbing also came out of perception.

Cherishing the present and contentment is good for health and life.

“Ding Zhicheng used to have high blood pressure problems, but after climbing the mountain for 8 months, all his physical indicators were normal and his weight dropped.

Thinking of the days of dieting and weight loss before, Ding Zhicheng shook his head: “At that time, I ate a cucumber one day, and I was so hungry that I stared at Venus.

“For fun and weight loss, Ding Zhicheng wants to replace mountain climbing in his life plan.